Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Natural Hair: Mini Twists

I recently did my hair in mini twists. It took hours to do. I would estimate that it took me seven hours. This is the first time I put my hair in mini twists. I used coconut oil to do the twists. I did not want to use gel because I did not want flakes in my hair since I plan to keep them in for at least four weeks. I plan to post a video of my mini twists.
So, have you ever put mini twists in your hair? What did you use to twist your hair?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Revisiting Kinky Curly--Another Review?

Let's talk about Kinky Curly. I first heard of the Kinky Curly product line by hearing vloggers on Youtube talking about the product line. So I went to the website. I found that Shelley Davis was the owner.
I also found that the products do not contain drying alcohol, no silicones, no proteins, or mineral oil. So I thought, the Kinky Curly products were good. So I purchased the kinky curly custard through
I used the custard only for a twist out.

I did not like how sticky the application process was but overall I thought it is a good product. I think I will try it again using it with the knot today?
Have you used Kinky Curly products before? If so how did you like them?