Friday, April 30, 2010

Thick hair

My hair is really thick. Kinda looks like a wig. It’s funny when people asks me questions about my hair. They will ask things like have you ever had a perm before? My response is of course but the perm chemicals began to cause my hair to break. Oh and my all time favorite question is: Why don’t you put a perm in your hair it would be so pretty? I want to ask them, so you think thick hair without a perm is ugly? Or hair that is not straight is not pretty? I just want to sometimes ask point blank so what is your hair texture without a perm? Then, I want to ask is your hair ugly without a perm?

The whole point is that you should embrace your natural hair no matter what texture it is. I am not saying that a perm is all bad. However, the type of perm and how it is applied to the hair is what makes all the difference in whether you will have healthy hair or not.
When it comes to hair, there is sometimes a debate on what looks good and what is "in". Sometimes the problem is that some women try to conform and fit in with other people instead of being different. With natural hair, you can be different. So stand out and be proud of your natural hair.


  1. I completely agree. I have naturally thick, wavy hair (since I come from a mixed nationality). Though I don't have to perm it as often as most of the people I know, my hair still needs to be permed once every 4 months. It's not bad, but still I sometimes wish I had naturally straight, silky hair.

    Women shouldn't be ashamed of their hair and should instead embrace it, since hair is one of the many qualities that make a woman unique. Great post and I look forward to reading others!

  2. There is also a stigma that "nappy" hair (which is a term I do not like to use) is hard to maintain and "control." So parents are perming their daughters' hair at early ages and the daughters become accustomed to that type of hair growing up. And like they say, it's hard to kick old habits and try something new.