Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three reasons to transition from permed to natural hair

Let's face it. Transitioning can be a difficult task. After all you may encounter some obstacles. Those obstacles could include negative thoughts that you may have or what you may think someone will think. But once you face your obstacles or put negativity aside, transitioning will not be so hard.
While in transition, you may have thoughts of changing your mind about going natural. But don't fret. You are not the first one to have that thought and you won't be the last. Just think though that there are several reasons to go natural. Here are three reasons to go natural:

Chemical free hair
Just think about how strong and healthy your hair can become with natural hair. Not to say that your hair can't be strong with permed hair but natural hair is can be less prone to damage. Chemicals applied to the hair can damage it especially if not applied correctly.

More versatility or edge
When someone wears their hair natural, they have a "look at me" stand out in the crowd aura about them. 
Natural hair gives an edge that chemically treated hair does not have. Also depending on a person's hair texture and length of their hair, they can create more styles with natural hair.

After the transitioning period, there is almost a sense of new found freedom. At least that's what I felt when I went natural. With that freedom comes with knowing that you do not have to worry about those perm touch-ups when new growth comes in.


  1. When I transitioned i really went into shock. It was like I was in some new world where my natural hair was in battle with my relaxed hair. My relaxed hair of course lost the battle, daily. I just stopped styling my hair. I would co-wash and then I would put on a beret, eye shadow, and earrings and go. I couldn't wait for my big chop. I only transitioned for 2 months. It was the best decision I made for my hair :)

  2. I did not transition too long. Unochicabonita, I glad to hear that you are happy with your decision to go natural.