Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wearing your hair natural is just a trend

Is wearing your hair natural just a trend? There has been some buzz that natural hair is the in thing now. Oh really?
Well for me when I made up my mind to go natural three years ago and then finally did go natural in February 2008, there was some hoopla but not much. Now you see a lot of women embracing their natural hair. That is great. I know when I transitioned and full went natural I made the choice because I wanted healthier hair. I suffered hair breakage from relaxer chemicals. So I went natural because of the breakage and not because of a trend. Many trends come and go like a handbag in this year will not be in next year. Shoes that are in this year may not be in next year.

There are a lot of naturals now. Is it because some people decided that they do not want to perm their hair any longer? Is it because they suffered from hair damage and wanted healthier hair? Did they just want to go back to the basics or go back to their original state? Or are they going natural because they see others doing it and just think that it is the "it thing" to do?
What do you think? Is natural hair a trend?

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