Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two reasons to like longer two strand twists

Since I went natural three years ago, my hair has grown quite a bit. It has come a long way from the little short hairdo. May I add that this really short hairdo was topped off with my hair being shaved in the back.
I have been wearing my hair in different styles every since. My hair has been in the palm roll, press and curl including the one style that I wear the most is the two strand twists.

Now that my hair is longer I can do more things with it. When I wear two strand twists now I can put up in the back, put it in a pony tail or curl individual twists. There are two reasons I like longer two strand twists.

More versatility
You get multiple styles in one. I can pin up my hair to the side, wear it down loose or pin it in the back. Also longer two strand twists make for a nice twist out style. Twist outs are created when a braided style is undone to create a crinkly, curly or wavy look to the hair.

More of a curl definition
Since my natural hair has a curl pattern, my two strand twists curl up at the ends.

So, have you let your hair grow out since going natural? If so, what do you like about your longer natural hair?

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