Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two reasons to use peppermint oil on natural hair

Natural peppermint oil is like adding a kiss of brightness to your natural hair. Peppermint oil does wonders for the hair. For one, it brings life to dull hair by adding shine to it. Peppermint oil is especially great to use when you press and curl your natural hair. Peppermint oil can protect your hair from breakage especially if you are pressing your hair with a flat iron or a hot comb. The oil is all natural and sulfate free so it will not dry your hair out.
Peppermint oil could also be used while you are in transition or using it for protective styles. 

Smells great 
Peppermint oil has the nice smell of peppermint and derives from a plant extract. It is all natural so there are no chemicals in it that could strip your hair. 

Manageable hair
Natural peppermint is great for easier management of your hair. When the oil is applied to the hair, it is not heavy on your hair.

Peppermint oil can be used for other uses as well. Using it on my hair, has been great. Whenever I get tired of     
braids or twists and I want to press my hair, peppermint oil is my choice as it works as a shield to block the heat from damaging my hair. 
So readers, do you use peppermint oil? If so, what has been your experience with it?

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